Execute a Test Case from a Jira Issue

  1. Open the Jira Issue
  2. Go to Vansah Test Management app inside the Issue
  3. Find the Test Case which has been Linked to the Issue.
  4. Hover over the Test Case and select Execute (Play) button beside the Case

5. Select the Execute button

To Edit an existing Test Run

1. Click Test Run. Selecting this will open the last executed Test Run

2. Select New Test Run to execute a new Test Session.

Alternatively you can also chose to select a Quick Test Result.

To Execute a Test Case from the Test Repository

1. Select a given Test Case and click the Execute button.

The page will display the following window with a choice to Execute the Test Case from a Linked Jira Issue or a Test Folder.

2. Select ‘Issue’ under ‘Select Linked’ options.

Upon searching for the Jira issue in the search field, a list of issues will be displayed.

3. Simply select the required Jira Issue and click Execute.

You will see options for Quick Test along with Execute option.

Selecting the Quick Test will instantly update the Test Case Result.

If Execute option is selected, a new Test Run will open in a new tab.

Note: You can directly navigate to the displayed Jira Issues from the pop-up screen. Clicking on the Issue Key will open up the Jira Issue in the new tab.

To Execute a Test Case from the Test Case screen

1. Open the Test Case.

2. Click Execute button in the top left next to the breadcrumb link.

3. Select the Linked Jira Issue or Folder and click Execute.

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