Execute a BDD Test Case with Vansah

To execute a BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) Test Case, you typically follow these steps:

  1. Define Steps: For each scenario, define the steps required to achieve the desired behavior. These steps should be written using the Given-When-Then format.

  2. Implement Step Definitions: Implement the step definitions for each step in the scenarios. Step definitions are code snippets that define the actions to be performed for each step.

  3. Execute the Test: Run the BDD test using a BDD testing framework. The tool will execute the step definitions and validate if the actual behavior matches the expected behavior.

You can also manually run your BDD Test using Vansah by clicking on Execute Test Case. This will manually request that you provide the Actual Result for the specified BDD Test Case.

After selecting the Linked Jira Issue (Scenario) or Test Folder click on Execute


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