Edit Test Cases during Test Runs

The ability to edit Test Cases during Test Runs is a useful feature supported by Vansah. It allows testers to make on-the-fly adjustments to a Test Case and having a choice to reflect your Test Case changes within any in-progress Test Run.

This feature can be particularly beneficial when conducting exploratory testing, where testers have a more flexible and adaptive approach. Being able to modify Test Cases during Test Runs enables them to quickly react to any issues or unexpected behavior encountered during testing.

Vansah provides a warning message to indicate when a Test Case has been revised. If a new revision to a Test Case is available, users will be notified and a choice is provided to either continue your Test Run with the existing version or to update your Test Case with the latest revision.


1-If you have an In-Progress Test Run you will notice the following message is displayed when you or someone else has updated the Test Case.

2-Click on the message to display who has last updated the test case and time.

3. To bring the latest Test Case changes you will need to click on the Get Latest Revision button

4. Now confirm that you wish to update the Test Case

5-After confirming you should notice the Test Case changes will be available.

Changes are related to Test Case steps. If you modify the Test Step order for your Test Case script, remove and/or add a Test Step this will create a new revision .

Getting the latest revision will not impact any Test Results captured for an existing Test Step unless the step was removed from the Test Script.

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