Deleting a Test Folder

A Test Folder is usually deleted once the testing phase is complete. Deleting the Test Folder helps maintain a clean and organized project structure. When you delete a Test Folder all sub-folders will also be deleted and remain within the Recycle Bin.

Follow these steps to Delete a Test Folder:

1.Go to your Vansah Board within the Jira project

2.Expand your Test Repository

3.Find your Test Folder to Delete

4.Hover over the Test Folder and click on the Menu option

5.Select Delete (You must have the required permissions in Jira to delete a Test Folder)

Permissions: Delete Issue or Administer Project or User is author for the Test Folder

6. Confirm you wish to Delete the Test Folder. All Test Runs and Subfolders will be moved into the Recycle Bin

Your Test Folder including subfolders will no-longer appear in the Test Repository.

Note: Deleted Test Folders can be restored from the Recycle Bin

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