Data Residency

Version: TP.27032024.01

Effective date: 27/March/2024

Managing Data Residency for Vansah Test Management For Jira

Data residency provides you with the authority to determine the location where your in-scope product data for Vansah Test Management for Jira and Confluence is stored. This choice enables you to select a specific geographic region, such as Australia, Europe, or the US.

Importance in Regulated Industries and General Data Management

For professionals operating in regulated sectors like finance, government, or healthcare, data residency is often essential when working in a cloud-based setting. Moreover, it can aid in fulfilling company data management standards across various industries.

View where your product data is hosted

Data residency empowers you to decide where your in-scope product data for Vansah Test Management for Jira and Confluence is hosted. By choosing a supported geographic location, you can ensure that your Vansah data is based on where you have pinned your Jira location, assuming Vansah supports the same location.

To view where your Jira product data is hosted:

      1. Go to Select your organization if you have more than one.
      2. Select Security > Data residency

    More Info

    What are locations and regions

    A product’s location is the geographical boundary where its in-scope data is hosted. Each location corresponds with one or more regions, which are physical locations around the world.

    The following locations are available for you to select from:

    Location Region Status
    Default (USA) North America (New York) Available
    Australia Sydney Available
    Singapore Asia Pacific (Singapore) TBC
    Germany Europe (Frankfurt) Coming Soon (April 2024)
    EU Europe (Frankfurt) Coming Soon (April 2024)
    United Kingdom London Coming Soon  (April 2024)

    By default, Vansah is hosted in the Default (USA) location if your Jira instance has not been pinned to another location which is supported by Vansah. If you require a Region which has not been included above however is supported by Atlassian please raise a support request to have your region available before installing or moving your data. We are committed to supporting all Atlassian regions in the near future.

    If you require your in-scope data to stay in a specific location, and data residency is available, you can request to have its in-scope data moved to a location and pinned there. Read More


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