Custom Fields for Vansah

The Jira System Fields can be configured directly into your Test Cases with Vansah. These are referred to as Custom Fields.

To add Custom Fields for Test Case in Vansah

1. Go to the Vansah Project Settings > Jira Custom Fields.

2. Select the required Custom Fields from the Status column.

2. An option to make the field Mandatory or Optional will be available in the next column.

3. Select the check boxes to save your preferences.

As you make the selections, a confirmation message will appear in the top right.

To use Custom Fields within a Test Cases

1. Open a given Test Case.

2. Collapse the ‘Other fields’ dropdown in the bottom right.

3. Here you will find the saved Custom Fields as set up in the Vansah Project Settings.

Note: All Custom fields will display value as ‘None’ when blank.

The content/ options displayed for a Custom Field will depend on how the field has been created in Jira.

Depending upon your permissions you can also create a new Custom Field within Jira and then add the same into your Vansah Project.


  • A Custom Field created at the Workspace level, will automatically be visible and available in Vansah
  • If a Custom Field is created within a Jira Project, the field must be set to “Global context. Apply to all issues in Jira” in order to be visible and available in Vansah

To learn how to create and manage custom fields in Jira refer to the links below

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