Create a Test Case

There are several ways you can create a Test Case in Vansah.

  1. From a Jira Issue
  2. From a Test Folder
  3. From the Test Repository
  4. From a Planned Test
  5. Import Test Cases

No matter the method used to create a Test Case, it will be readily available for reuse across all Jira Projects. Additionally, each Test Case will be linked with Test Runs for effortless tracking of its execution and Test Result, including where and how the Test Case was implemented.

Creating a Test Case from a Jira issue

Go to Vansah Test Management from a Jira Issue.

If there is already a Test Case linked to the Jira Issue, you should see the following Tabs (All Cases, Test Runs, Report)

If this is the first Test Case to be linked or created against the given asset, you will see the following screen

You will now be able to enter a Test Case summary then click the Save Button to the right.

After you create the first Test Case you will see a Test Case grid which contains all your Test Cases that are Linked to the Jira Issue

You can now continue to create new Test Cases by selecting the + button

This will display the new Test Case fields inside the Test Case grid

Creating a Test Case from a Test Folder

When you open a newly created empty Test Folder you will see the following screen

  1. Enter your Test Case Headline in the Add Test Case field.
  2. Click save

Once a Test Case has been created it will appear within the Vansah Test Grid. You can now create new Test Cases using the add button (plus button)

You can also create Test Cases from the Test Repository in this manner.

Creating a Test Case from a Planned Test Run

  1. Open the given Planned Test Run (PTR).
  2. Click on the Add Test Case button (plus button) in the top left.
  3. New Test Case field will be displayed as shown below.

To see how to add Test Cases through an import file see the link below.

Importing Vansah Test Cases in Jira

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