Creating a Planned Test Run

You can create a Planned Test Run from a Test Folder or a Jira Issue.

1. Select the Test Cases form the Vansah Test Grid. A new Execute button will appear above the Test Grid.

Note: Blocked Test Cases can be a part of a Planned Test Run

2. Click on the Execute icon seen above and select, New Planned Test Run.

3. A pop-up window will appear giving you an option to Create or Create and Run the Test Run. You can also add a name for your Planned Test Run here.

4. Selecting ‘Create’ will create the Planned Test Run under the Test Runs tab ready for you to Execute later. A success message will be displayed in the top right confirming a new planned test run has been created and the Test Grid will switch from All Cases tab to Test Runs tab > Planned Test Runs, where you can see the newly created Planned Test Run.

5. Selecting ‘Create and Run’ will open a new Planned Test Run in the new tab within the browser.

Note: All the Test Case Assignees will remain assigned, as they were when selecting the Test Cases.

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