Configuring Test Result Options

To configure the Test Result options, follow these steps:

  1. Accessing Test Result Configuration

    • Log in to your Jira account and navigate to the Vansah Test Management plugin.
    • Go to the project for which you want to configure the Test Result options.
  2. Navigating to Test Results Configuration

    • Once in the Test Results, review the Test Results to enable or disable.
  3. Enabling/Disabling Test Result Options

    • Within the Test Result Configuration section, you will find a list of Test Result status options.
    • Locate the Test Result status options: UNTESTEDPASSEDFAILEDN/APASSED In ProgressFAILED In Progress, and N/A In Progress.
    • Enable or disable the options according to your project’s requirements. For example, to make PASSED In Progress and FAILED In Progress available, enable these options. Conversely, disable the options that are not needed for your project.
  4. Saving Changes

    • After enabling or disabling the Test Result options, your settings will automatically update.

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