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Configure Test Results to appear in Jira’s Activity Stream

Jira’s Activity Stream is a list of events displayed to a user in a readable and interactive interface that can be viewed from your Jira Dashboard or directly from the Issue.

Jira’s Activity Stream gadget also provide an RSS feed which you can subscribe to or integrate into third-party tools.

When you execute a Test Case against a Jira Issue, Vansah can be configured to update the Issue Activity Stream with the Test Result making it easier for developers to drill into the Test Run log while keeping the project team updated on the Testing progress.

By default, Vansah will send a notification to the Activity Stream when a user Links a Jira Issue to a Test Run, Adds, Links, Unlinks a Test Case and when a Test Case Fails, 

However you can choose to enable sending both Passed/Failed Test Results or completely switch off notifications from the Vansah Settings

To enable the Activity Stream Notifications

1. Head to Vansah Project settings in your Jira Instance.

2. Select Misc > Notify Jira Issue Comment.

Now, you can Enable/ Disable the following Jira Comment Notifications.

a) ‘When a Test Case Passes’.

b) ‘When a Test Case Fails’.

c) ‘When Linking an Issue to a Test Run’.

d) ‘When a user Adds, Links, Unlinks a Test Case’.

If you have enabled “When a Test Case Passes” you will see all Passed Tests executed against a Jira Issue in the Activity Stream.

Note: Only completed Test Cases either with Pass Completed or Fail Completed Test result will be shown in the Activity Stream Jira Comments.

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