Components for Test Cases

To link Jira component/s to your Test Case you will need to first confirm the following.

Does your project support Components? Not all Jira Projects have this feature enabled. Some Jira projects may disable this option so it’s important you verify if your project has enabled components. If your project is using Components, you will see the following Link in Jira.

After confirming if Components is Enabled you will need to verify if there are any components in your project. Before you can start Linking Test Cases to components you will need to have a component in your Jira Project. Click on Components.

Now that we have components in our Project you can enable Components in Vansah App project settings.

Under Misc settings you will have options to configure extra Jira settings to be used as part of Vansah.

Select Misc > Components (Enable Components for Vansah Test Cases)

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