Cloning a Test Case

Cloning Test Cases allows you to reuse an existing Test Case across different projects in Jira. This saves time and effort as you don’t have to recreate the same Test Case from scratch for each project.

Vansah allows you to clone a Test Case across multiple Jira projects at a time. The limitation is 5 projects at a time.

Steps to Clone a Test Case:

1.Hover over the Test Case you want to clone.

2.Click on More Options

3.Select Clone Test Case

A dialogue window will appear with default Test Case options

  • Description
  • Type (Mandatory)
  • Priority
  • Components
  • Labels
  • Linked Issues
  • Linked Folders (Test Folders)
  • Test Script
  • Attachments
  • Test Script

Once you have decided what properties to Clone from the Test Case click Next to continue.

4. By default the Test Case will be cloned to the current Jira project. You can change the project or select up to 5 projects to clone the Test Case to.

Note: If you have selected only 1 project you will have the choice to Clone & Edit the Test Case. Selecting more than 1 project will deactivate the Clone & Edit option.

5. Click Clone to continue.

The Clone operation will start displaying each new cloned Test Case as it is created.

You can now click on the cloned Test Case from this view to open it in a new window.


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