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Business Continuity & DR Plan


Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) plan, referred to as BCDR, is a set of practices which will be applied by Testpoint in the face of adverse events or emergencies. BCDR encompasses both proactive measures (business continuity) and reactive measures (disaster recovery) to minimize the effects of outages and disruptions on business operations.

Business continuity organization

To ensure effective coordination and maintain business system continuity, multiple teams with their respective leaders are involved to address and resolve any incidents that may arise. The following teams are assigned to support and provide expertise for effective business continuity .

  1. Support Team
  2. Development Team
  3. QA Team

Preventive measures

System monitoring and alerting

Enterprise-Class Server Monitoring with Real-Time Analytics & Smart Alerting is used to monitor the application. This ensures we can Identify root causes, remediate issues & monitor server performance.

Disaster recovery

Recovery plan

Our platform’s design ensures constant real-time replication and copying, minimizing the risk of data loss. However, should a rare force majeure event occur, we have established a comprehensive procedure to address any potential loss of information.

In case of loss of information, the following procedures shall apply:

  1. Inform Atlassian (Submit a critical incident ticket) and our clients, providing an assessment of the impact and detailing the actions taken.
  2. Inform impacted clients who have been affected with the following report:
  • Data loss
  • Define possible resolutions.

Analysis of the problem

  • The security operators or system monitors identify an issue and swiftly analyze its potential impact on availability.
  • The responsible parties for Servers, Storage & Backup and networks will be contacted.
  • They take necessary measures to ensure the prompt resumption of services in the event of unavailability.

Recovery Process

In the event that the analysis of the incident reveals the need to activate the backup environment, immediate communication will be made to the affected clients. This communication will include an assessment of the potential loss, the planned measures to be taken, as well as an estimate of the impact and the expected recovery time.

Business continuity plan testing and improvement


To ensure the effectiveness of our business continuity plan, regular testing and improvement is crucial. The following checklist is used to support testing and improving our business continuity plan:

  1. Annually validate and improve plans
  2. Identify and Mitigate threats, risks, and vulnerabilities
  3. Establish emergency preparedness and response procedures
  4. Implement awareness and training programs
  5. Regularly exercise and maintain the plan
  6. Review the plan after each exercise

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